2016 PA Scrappers Fall Registration

As stated on the homepage, the PA Scrappers has developed a 2 season philosophy. Yes, this is a different philosophy than other programs in the area that insist on a full year commitment to only softball. This program is meant to not only complement the school teams and Little League, but it also allows for the girls to play other sports (something college coaches look for), enjoy other activities, work, or focus on their academics (which is more important). It also allows for time for the girls to get some rest and avoid burnout and injuries. Again, the health and well-being of our players, coaches, and supporters are paramount at all times.

Compared to other programs, The PA Scrappers program gives much more value. The Fall program will cost each player $275. That will include up to 4 tournaments, regular weekly practices (with 6 nights of indoor practice time per team calculated in), equipment, etc. and a sublimated jersey. For those that don’t have the 2nd shirt, the dark maroon one, pants, socks, hats, visors, and belts, they are also available at an additional cost. We offer a Sponsor fundraiser and scholarships too.

On August 21, teams will be organized and the managers will contact the players to set up practices and tournament schedules. We will also disperse jerseys and collect clothing orders at that time. The fall season runs in the months of September and October.

Please Provide the Following Registration Information